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The ARCI (RCI) is the only umbrella organization of the official governing rule making bodies for professional horse and greyhound racing in North America and parts of the Caribbean.


ARCI sets standards for racing regulation, medication policy, drug testing laboratories, totalizator systems, racetrack operation and security, as well as off-track wagering entities.   ARCI's members are the only independent entities recognized to license, enforce, and adjudicate matters pertaining to racing.


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Major Policies Afffecting US Thoroughbred Racing.





ARCI Controlled Therapeutic

Medication Schedule - V.4

(Modified April, 2017 to address

Clenbnuterol in Quarter Horses)



Lexington, KY, August 1, 2018 – Revisions to the Model Rules of Racing, the industry’s regulatory standards, which were adopted by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) Model Rules Committee at its July meeting in Omaha have been formally approved by the association’s Board of Directors. The updated Model Rules have been posted on the association website,


The approved updates include improvements to the concussion protocol and return-to-ride guidelines for jockeys who may have suffered a concussion and updated horse identification requirements which will facilitate the use of mandatory microchipping and “digital tattooing” of Thoroughbreds foaled in 2018 and thereafter.


ARCI President Ed Martin said that he was appreciative of the efforts of many industry participants to keep the Model Rules as a constantly evolving framework for the fair and effective regulation of pari-mutuel racing.  He noted that the most recent modifications speak directly the safety and integrity of the sport.


The amended Model Rules can be found in the following sections:

• Concussion Protocol: ARCI 007-020 (A)(10) – Facilities for Patrons and Licensees.

• Digital Tattoos: ARCI-006-020(B)(5) – Foal, Health and Other Eligibility Certificates  and ARCI-010-030 (2) – Horses Ineligible.


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