Racing Commissioners International (ARCI)

J. Michael Hopkins, Chair

Edward J. Martin, President

Collaborative Efforts:


Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC)


    RCI members are active participants in the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium.  RCI President Ed Martin serves on the Board of Directors of the RMTC along with Duncan Patterson, RCI Chair.    Alternate Directors include the Chair of the RCI Regulatory Veterinarians Committee, Dr. Lynn Hovda of the Minnesota Racing Commission, and Michael Hopkins, the Executive Secretary of the Maryland Racing Commission.


   Additionally, Dr. Rick Arthur, the Equine Medical Director of the California Horse Racing Board, is an active RMTC Board member and also serves on the RMTC Scientific Advisory Committee with other regulatory participants including  Dr. George Maylin (New York), Dr. Rick Sams (Florida/Kentucky), Dr. Lawrence Soma (Pennsylvania); Dr. Scott Stanley (California).


   RCI members support the RMTC indirectly through the dedication, time and talent of individual commission employees, vendor laboratories and association staff.



Racing Officials Accreditation Program (ROAP)


    RCI Model Rules require that commission racing officials be properly accredited through programs approved by the Racing Officials Accreditation Program and conducted by approved program hosts.  The association supports ROAP both financially and by the participation of staff in ROAP projects.    Hugh Gallagher, the Executive Director of the Delaware Harness Racing Commission and an RCI Director is the ROAP Chair.   Former RCI Director Frank Lamb serves as Chair of the Steward’s Committee.  RCI President Ed Martin serves as a member of the ROAP Board of Directors.


    ROAP sets criteria for accreditation and reviews and approves the content of Steward Schools and continueing education programs.


Organization of Racing Investigators (ORI)


  The Organization of Racing Investigators provides an intelligence network of information between track level investigators working for regulatory commissions, licensed tracks, and groups such as the TRPB.   The ORI holds an annual training session for its members to examine the latest investigatory techniques, enforcement concerns, and effective tactics.




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