Racing Commissioners International (ARCI)

Judy Wagner, Chair

Edward J. Martin, President




The development of Model Rules, standards, and best practices is an ongoing project of ARCI member agencies.


Relying upon the collective expertise of regulatory personnel in member jurisdictions in consultation with regulated entities, industry stakeholders, fans and individuals, ARCI committees consider ways to improve and enhance the regulation of racing.


The Model Rules are all encompassing.  They affect thoroughbred, standardbred, quarter horse, and greyhound racing.   Regulatory entities are encouraged to adopt the Model Rules by reference as a way to enhance uniformity of regulation in a sport that has evolved to be multi-jurisdictional.


To ensure the quality of drug testing programs as well as to ensure the security of the wagering system, ARCI has adopted standards for drug testing labs as well as the totalizator systems that process the individual wagers of millions of racing fans.

      "Professional horse racing has the toughest anti-doping standards in professional sport because racing does not allow "therapeutic use exemptions"  to permit athletes to secretly compete under the influence of performance enhancing drugs.


     "Other sports allow this, we don't."

Ed Martin, ARCI President.



Anyone can make a proposal to change or improve racing regulatory policy by proposing a new Model Rule or an amendment to an existing Rule.


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All Model Rule proposals should be emailed to


1510 Newtown Pike, Suite 210, Lexington, Kentucky, USA  40511

  (859) 224-7070